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Lions and Lambs

Hello! This book lady Mom has been treated like a rock star on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Yesterday we bought a lot of ingredients for meals from the Dr. Seuss cookbook (see last year’s blog entry “Happy Birthday” for Elizabeth’s book review.) and today has been all about eating foods from the cookbook, watching Dr. Seuss movies, watching the Scholastic Dr. Seuss cartoons and the PBS kids’ Cat in the Hat series, and reading. What a fun Dr. Seuss weekend that may continue tomorrow with the snow!

Snow painting has been a hit with our family as well. You do not need to buy the snow paint. Food coloring may stain, but the kids love to paint snow with it, and tub colors will work with melted snow, with water, or you can have the kids “melt their own paints.” You add a little warm water to a cup or have the kids find melted snow on a melting day. Next, the kids add their own food coloring or tub color pellet and a scoop of snow to make the paint. We did not experience staining with our clothes, but I just wanted to warn you that it could happen.

We are also totally rushing Spring this year, and I hope to inspire kids with Lion and Lamb reading challenges, which start with the cold weather and end at the end of the month or at the end of Spring Break. March is also a great month to focus on reading with Read Across Maryland, Dr Seuss’s birthday, and all the holiday fun over the next two months. Remember: We give books has great holiday, seasonal, and classic books that you can access on your computer for free.

As Maryland prepares for another snow day, I hope this gives you some inspiration for some March fun.

And as we venture in to the lamb portion of the month, we will be participating in some wonderful 5Ks and running at the park, as well as enjoying Seussical the Musical at Perry Hall Middle School on March 22.


:) Trish and Liz Williams