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Welcome to My Blog


I am a stay at home mom with a daughter that just entered Kindergarten. This means, I now have time to think and learn. In doing so, I want to be helpful to parents and friends. So here it is, bmorereader.

In my dream world, there would be more readers

I am a wife, a mom, and a Baltimore Reader

Hence the blog name.

So, how will this blog be useful?

Hopefully I will be posting cool things to do with your family

Also, as a book consultant and person that has been involved in reading to kids and getting kids to love reading since the 90s, I will post my thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to get your family reading together.

Spending time reading with your family works.

If you are not a reading family, give your child experiences worth reading or writing about. Have fun together! It will promote school and life success.

Need and idea for reading and fun. Your library is free and a lot of them have play areas and computer access. Storyville is like a great winter playground for younger kids (baby-preschool) filled with books and things to do.

There are often free crafts around Baltimore County- We went to Lakeshore Learning for a free snowman craft today.

Cook at home with your kids - reading and family time in your own home.

So that is what this bmorereader has been up to lately.

Hope this gave you a good idea for the upcoming week!